Rental Cars on Site:

Carubba Collision has Enterprise Rent-A-Car offices right in our locations. Think how much easier it would be to pick up and drop off your rental car at the same place where your car is being repaired. No extra driving, no asking someone else for a ride. With Carubba, you can get everything done in one trip. When you arrange your estimate, be sure to let us know if you’ll need a rental car so we can make sure there’s one for you.



Defensive Driving classes:

Car Insurance can be costly. Carubba Collision Corporation has joined forces with the Better Business Bureau serving Upstate NY to offer the NY State Defensive Driving Class, which saves you 10% on your liability and collision insurance premiums. The discount is good for three years. Since Carubba began offering defensive driving classes in 2001, thousands of people have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on their insurance.

Another benefit is point reduction on your driving record, possibly avoiding having your license suspended.

Carubba offers one of the lowest costs in New York State for the class, and we even offer it for free to veterans, and our customers who have had a repair bill of at least $500.

The class is held on Sundays at our Tonawanda location, at 1500 Niagara Falls Boulevard.

Click here for the class schedule and to sign up.

Link: http://www.carubbadefensivedriving.com/


A Warranty That Means Something

Not every collision shop offers the same guarantee.

Here are the key questions to ask:

How long is this job guaranteed for?

What’s covered?

What happens if I move to another city?

Carubba Collision Corporation offers a true lifetime guarantee.

As long as you own the vehicle, our workmanship and paint are guaranteed, no matter where you live.

Some lifetime guarantees will only cover you if you bring your car back to that shop.

But Carubba has relationships with all the major insurance carriers, and many others as well.   If your repair was authorized by one of them, our guarantee will follow you if you move anywhere in the United States.


Consumer Guide

We know having an accident can turn your life upside down.

When you’re worried and upset like that, you can be vulnerable to people taking advantage of you.

You should always be prepared, just in case.

That’s why we pu together a free consumer guide, “Joe Carubba’s Crash Course in Avoiding Car Repair Ripoffs”.

Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you a copy.

Carubba Collision believes when things are the worst, you should be treated the best.